Help finding photos

tips on how to find your photos

Photographs are sorted in the following ways

  1. Bib Number
  2. Location the photo was taken e.g. "Cargo Net" or "Course"
  3. Time the photo was taken

Many first time runners make the mistake of covering their bib number of putting it on their back. This means that your photos can't be identified by our team or software. 

Some helpful tips to find unidentified photos

  1. If you ran with someone, check their bib number too. Yours may be blocked in the photo, but theirs may be showing.
  2. Narrow your search by selecting what time you may have been at the photo location.
  3. Narrow your search by browsing the photographs from a single location
  4. If your race was timed, you may see what time of day you crossed the finish line. This will help you locate your finisher photo.