Brand Exposure

Word of Mouth - with a Photo

Since the dawning of the tech age, businesses have had to make decisions on where to place marketing dollars. Should a marketer invest in facebook clicks, twitter ads, google banners? Where does it stop? Is it effective? Is a brand's ROI high enough to justify the ultra competitive ad space of social network ads? 

These are all questions that brand advertisers must answer every day. It's true that these are all necessary to most businesses.. ESPECIALLY businesses that are web based  and/or just starting up. Brands literally spend millions of dollars every year to get their name out there, in every possible outlet. The reason? Synergy.

Synergy is what is created when a brand is noticed from multiple outlets.

It breaks the subconscious and into the conscious mind. This is where

prospect customers will begin to think about buying something. 

Now the question: How does a brand break the subconscious into the

conscious mind without spending a fortune.. and without becoming

slightly annoying with spammy newsfeed ads? The answer is simple -

Word of Mouth through a photo advertising! 

Word of Mouth through a photo advertising lets a prospect client see a

friend of theirs participating in an event that you are a part of! This is

huge positive word of mouth, without their friend saying anything.

The "LIKE" Gate

Now that the prospect has "LIKED" the sponsor's page, the prospect client is now capable of being engagmed personally by the sponsor. This is where a brand can converse with it's fans, make offers, provide industry insight, and capture the heart of the fans.

Brand - Prospect Relationship

The best brands engage fans and follows to build rapport with them over time. This relationship is so much more valuable than a 30 second radio spot or a 15 second TV commercial, because it's lo

Many brands are seeking out alternative methods to engage their current and future clients. Don't get lost in the crowd of the companies fighting for ad space, create your own ad space inside of real people's social interaction. Do this all while your future clients are gaining more positive rapport with both your company and the race organizer!  This is truly a situation where everyone wins!!