All About Souvenir Photograph...

Our Roots

Founded in 1988, Souvenir Photograph has evolved from a basic event photography company into a multi-national Resort and Tour photography company. We have mastered the business of souvenir photography, and with that have been able to develop long lasting business partnerships. 

​Souvenir Photograph is not an ordinary photo operator. With over twenty years of experience throughout the world, our photo services are always a true guest satisfier. Our experience over the past twenty years in the cruise ship photography industry has taught us, that exemplary service levels and revenues only come from the one on one dedication that our company can provide. Our success is achieved through superior photography, integrating new technology on a continuous basis, and working with our partners to maximize profits through customization, marketing, retailing and branding.We can also offer the guests integrated web technologies, allowing reordering, reprints and email postcards. Adding these types of services not only creates incremental revenues but it also extends a fabulous guest experience long after guests have left your Resort, Hotel or Theme Park.

​Souvenir Photograph continues to offer the foremost expertise, offering a truly comprehensive service that includes resort style photography, roaming photos, green screen, conference coverage and internet re-sales. All of these will enhance your brand and create additional marketing opportunities, making us the premiere photographic service company.Our compliment of highly talented and creative staff is always on hand to provide a lasting memory of the visit, while providing the outlet with an invaluable marketing stream and strengthen brand identity.

Resorts: Our photographic professionals specialize in capturing unique and creative images of the guests and visitors, providing unforgettable memories. From great professional portraits to pictures with a mascot, we cover it all.

Factory Tours: 
Whether you have a tour of 100,000 per year or 500,000 per year. We will create a custom fit solution for your photography needs. We understand that not all tours are created equal, space requirements, flow, and branding are all elements of our teams set up. We will create a product that you will be happy to have represent your brand.

​Theme Parks: Whether it be coaster thrill photos, front gate photos, ride video, or green screen fantasy photos we will show you how to Wow! your guests while at the same time creating incremental revenue. Zoo’s and Aquariums: You will find that we are the concessionaire for some of the biggest and best aquariums around the world.