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Social Marketing tailor-made for your event! 

As an event organizer you know the costs of advertising an event can add up. There are various social media advertising options, printed posters and billboards, radio spots, email blasts, sponsored event ads, etc. This stuff can really add up quickly! While these are all very important areas to focus dollars, it can be very difficult to see what those dollars returned in registrations. 

Reduce Overall Costs while creating new Participants?

Souvenir Photograph has come up with a solution to help reduce overall marketing expenses, while attracting new participants to your events. In the ever competitive race industry, participants are looking for thebest experience coupled with the best value. How does value get conveyed by a trustworthy source?  - Word of Mouth. Future event participants want to talk with their friends about their experience at your event. Questions like: How was the course? Did it come with a nice shirt? How bout packet pick-up.. was it quick? After you've nailed the key components of your event, you want to keep that buzz going! 

How can events harness the Buzz?

Souvenir Photograph has developed an application that not only brings participants their photos in lighting fast time, it brings their photos to them through facebook or their mobile phone. 

​Why is it important to stay in facebook? Facebook is where many of your participants were procurred from. They're comfortable there. When participants view their photos from within facebook, it's shown that they LOVE To share with their friends. We've got trustworthy analytics to show how many times participants shared, tweeted, downloaded, emailed their photos. You'll be amazed by the number of interactions that take place, making your event instantly become a viral sensation! 

To summarize: Our application = Facebook Likes, Twitter Shares, hundreds of thousands of impressions! There's nothing better than a friends stamp of approval, and what better way to achieve this, than Word of Mouth with a Photo! 

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