A KID’S FAVORITE! Face painting is a subset of body painting, which is the art of applying paint to a person’s skin. Face painting Is frequently composed of small decorative images applied to the face of a person although hands, arms and shoulders are popular locations especially on very young children or those with sensitive skin.

Our experienced artist will help kids and family members select from one of our many dynamic designs, and then hand-paint the colorful image in just a matter of minutes! Our Face Paint has all the qualities of Stage Makeup; it is safe, non-toxic and simply washes off with soap and water.

Based on our experiences over the years, we've learned that consumers appreciate quality and are willing to pay a premium. Our training methodology and style has been developed over the years by some of the best face paint artist in the country. We believe a quality face paint is a great billboard for us throughout the day. In return, a great looking billboard translates into more revenue.